Why to Film Your Next Project in Prague

As the tourist and film-making capital of the Czech Public, Prague offers many incentives to international filmmakers. For either TV or international film, companies can receive a local cash rebate of 20%, with an additional 10% for an international cast and crew, after exceeding the mandatory spending minimums. In addition, the exchange rate for Czech currency, the Koruna, is favorable to the Euro, Pound, and US dollar.

There is also a well-established film infrastructure in Prague with sufficient studio space (at competitive rates) to facilitate several major productions at any given time. The studios are widely dispersed throughout the city, providing a selection of sizes to best fit your project.   

Prague film crews are famous in the international film community for their professionalism, linguistic ability (English, German, French), and familiarity with shooting locations. Since 2010 there have been more than 140 TV and film projects shot in the Czech Republic, generating $65 million in revenue. Projects completed with Czech film crews include A-list Hollywood films such as Amadeus, Mission Impossible, Snowpiercer, and The Chronicles of Narnia.  

Centrally located in Europe, Prague is conveniently positioned for filmmakers to conduct off-site international shoots. Alternatively, Prague’s historic architecture and abundance of open space allows it to double for almost any European city such as Vienna, Moscow, or Paris. Not to mention Prague’s own unique landmarks such as the Charles Bridge, Petrin Tower, and Prague Castle.

Once you’ve decided that Prague is the location for you, the next decision is how to gain access to Prague’s professional film community.

Cinema Belongs To Us was founded as a film production consulting firm by three graduates of FAMU, a prestigious European film school. The company is solely focused on connecting international filmmakers, for both large and smaller scale projects, to the best local Czech film crews.

CBTU is an American owned/operated film consulting company in Prague, which simplifies the post-production tax filings for U.S. based filmmakers. Asmara Marek, the founder and CEO of CBTU, has lived in Prague for 12 years and has personal connections with industry professionals in every aspect of the film sphere. Based on past projects, CBTU can provide you with a detailed outline of optimal shooting locations, crews, and budget projections for your project.

Choosing Prague is the first step to making a great international film, choosing CBTU is the second.

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Behind the Scenes at Barrandov Studios

With the opportunity to shoot at Barrandov Studios (Prague’s largest and most well-known production studios), CBTU brought a group of 13 talented actors from the Marie Curie Elementary School. Balloons + kids + rabbits in one huge studio! We can't wait to show you the final product! Check out some of these behind the scene shots in the meantime.